Breaking data per month viewed per week



Good Morning!

we have a data that shows per week data per resource. and we only have 2 date columns which starts from Sunday and ends on a Saturday.

the total hours, and daily hours have all been already grouped by using magic etl.


What we want to see is data viewed by week. but if it crosses a new month it should break that week between previous month and current month or current month and new month

for example, June 26 to July 2 should be June 26-June 30 and July 1-July 2

July 31 to August 6 should be Aug 1-Aug 6

August 28 to September 3 should be Aug 28-Aug 31 and Sep 1-Sep 3

And September 25 to October 1 should be Sep 25 - Sep 30


and of course it should also break the totals when it crosses months.

for example if the end of the month is a Wednesday, there should be 22.5 or 24 hours in total for 3 days

and then the new month will have 15 or 16 hours in total for 2 days.

is there a way for me to show that?

do I need to ungroup my hours? when I did that, I didnt get the correct total hours afterward.

Thanks for all who can help!