Workbench Extremely Slow (Can't Search / Open Jobs)

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to open some jobs to review the queries (and potentially move them to Domo connectors and off WB) but I am stuck in a wheel of loading and there seems to be way no way out.. Is there anything I can do to see the jobs information without using WB? I believe this is due to our hardware being slow on the server we are running it on but.. I can't even search or open a job..! It's frustrating. My task manager is reading 14% CPU and 37% memory so it's not totally jammed up.

Is there a way I can view what jobs are currently running? I'm wondering if it's trying to run to many jobs at once and is jammed up. If so, I can try to optimize allowed amount of jobs running at the same time. If this is a solution, have others found an optimal allotment of jobs to run?

Thanks for any help. Here is an example of what I'm seeing (attached photo):


  • Hello,

    Pressing F5 will force a refresh of the window. Sometimes this helps. You could also try restarting the workbench service if you have not restarted recently. If it is truly the host machine being underpowered than you would definitely benefit from upgrading or moving WB to a better machine.


  • Hi @Chris_Wolman thanks for the tip. Unfortunately no change but worth a try. I'll let you know how it goes when we move servers. Do you know if there is any information on if moving these jobs to the internal Microsoft SQL Server Connector is faster/better? The visibility using the connector method is a lot better for a multi-person team.


  • @ElliotGitter I would recommend opening a support case with Domo. We have well over 100 jobs running in WB with no issues. We average 2000+ job executions daily.

    You can look at the history page of your datasets in Domo and see some basic stats on what jobs are running and when. WB also has logs that can be reviewed. I would start with support and reviewing the machine hosting WB.

    Best of luck!


  • @Chris_Wolman That's the plan, thanks for your help