How to build a filter for only the most recent value of a column in a data set to show.

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I've got a dataset of patients for my hospital and each patient has a unique medical record number. The dataset has multiple visits from the same patients and each visit gets a unique account number. Each visit there is also a calculated readmission risk score. I'm trying to build a filter either in the ETL or on the Domo card that would only show the patient's most recent visit readmission risk score. How would I go about doing this?

I may also want to do another card where it separates out patients and then lists all of their readmission scores and was thinking of a table for that.


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    only addendum I'd add to @MichelleH 's post would be to not filter out rows. just add your row_number for nth-most-recent visit.

    in one card you can filter on "nth-most-recent-visit = 1" and on the other card just filter by patient.

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