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I have sales data by month, by country.

I would like a segment for sales data in Canada so I created a segment named Canada and added the filter for the Country Canada.

Am I right in thinking this should then be removed from the rest of the data and the country filter within the analyser?

At the moment Canada appears as a segment on my graph but the bottom line figure IS including them?

Anything I can check for this as I sure looking at the vids and examples it should be removed.

Thanks again for everyone's help.


  • Segments only creates a subset of your data but doesn't remove it from the original dataset.

    If you need to you can create two beast modes to do the Canada filtering for each of your metrics

    -- Canada
    CASE WHEN `Country` = 'Canada' THEN `Value` END
    -- All Others
    CASE WHEN `Country` <> 'Canada' THEN `Value` END

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    Thanks. I think I was misinterpreting this part of the docs

    I think the normal use case would be to have country as a series as well and the above means you need to name the segment Canada as otherwise you could get the data repeated and a line for each.

    I was able to get the behaviour I needed by removing the Canada option from the Country Filter which meant Canada was no longer included in the non segmented data. (Although deselecting all countries in the quick filter may include it!)

    The Beasts modes you posted also worka when added to the series instead of using the segments 👍️

    Thanks again for your help