Is there any example for the Adobe Analytics Advanced Query Report Type

I need to explore option in data connector for Adobe Analytics -->Report Type ---> Advanced Query? Is there any sample examples or query to explore the Advanced Query option for Adobe Analytics. Please adivse.


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    Can anybody assist @nagarajan with their question?


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    I am catching up on some old posts here on the forum.  Sorry it has taken so long to respond.  There is one sample below.  Adobe has full documentation that includes an API explorer so you can test out your query to make sure it returns the results you are looking for:



    "name":"Page Views"},


    I am no longer with Domo. Please @mention @Millhouse for connector specific questions.
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    @nagarajan, did kamuela's reply help you out?

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    Were ypu able to find more information on using the "advanced query". I have been using the "intermediate-custom" report option, but this feature has a limit of obtaining maximum of 4 elements at a time.

    Wondering if "Advanced query" lets Domo to read more than 4 elements? Can you please share any further information you may have on this feature.

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    Were you able to find out if the advanced query option lets to pull more than 4 dimensions at a time?