How to create 2 Output Dataset in DOMO (unable to load this dataset issue)

Hello everyone -

Good Day! I just need some inputs.

I have a dataflow with 4 input dataset and 1 output dataset.

When I add another output dataset and hit preview, it showed all green checks.

However when I saved and ran it, that 2nd output dataset shows as "unable to load this dataset"?

any reason why it is unable to load?



  • When looking at the history of the execution does it show writing the data as successful (you'll need to click on the success green oval on the execution to get the detailed step breakdown)?

    In the preview pane on the output tile does it show data?

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  • Yes. it shows as successful.

    also, when I click preview, there is data in there.

    but after I click, save and run. it shows that the 2nd output dataset as "unable to load this dataset"

  • mhouston
    mhouston Contributor

    @WorldWarHulk if you go into the history of your dataflow, you can click on the status button for more details:

  • Yes. everything is successful when I deepdive on the status button.

  • mhouston
    mhouston Contributor

    Can you screenshot where you are seeing "unable to load"? I am having trouble understanding where you are seeing an error if you are seeing everything as green and succesful.