Can you use domo.navigate() on a card that redirects user based on user ID?


I am trying to build out a dynamic dashboard that contains cards that act as buttons. Right now I have this "dynamic dashboard" built out for each user and redirecting them based on the URL that is linked to that card.

What I want is a a single dashboard that is shared among all my licensed users, built out with a ddx that will redirect a user based on the user ID to access their respective dashboards that is already built out for them.

It is a pain to build out the same "dynamic dashboard" and linking a url to each card to take them to their respective dashboard I have already created for them. Rather have a code written up that redirects based on user ID.

I hope this makes sense :)


  • GrantSmith

    Can you direct users to the same page / dashboard with a dataset containing all of the different users data but apply PDP to the dataset to filter it so that they only see their data and not anyone else's?

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  • DanielHayashi

    Yes and no, I do have a PDP policy enabled on the data I am using to populate their dashboards however there are headers that give personalization to each of my users dashboards. So the PDP policy only solves half the problem.

    This is why I wanted to automate the directing of users based on user ID after clicking a card (one for the 4 cards, each taking them to a different dashboard). I am open to any thoughts and or ideas to solve this problem.