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Hi guys,

Im trying to pull in the value from yesterday to fit into a broader formula. The value is followers (social media). Pulling it in from yesterday gives me the latest total followers figure.

Here is my latest attempt:

SUM(`Followers'), DATE()-1)

And broader formula is to achieve daily client account engagement rate by dividing total engagement by number of posts and further divided by the total number of followers on the account on that day:

((SUM(`Likes`) + SUM(`Comments`) + SUM(`Saves`)) / COUNT(DISTINCT `Media Type`)) / SUM(`Followers'), DATE()-1)





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    I think that you will need to add a field to your dataset that will provide the prior days followers. This is because the calculated fields cannot do lag functions to check the value of the previous day.

    Do you think you could share a sample of your dataset? Might help someone get to a solution

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