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I would like to create a card that shows the revenue we make from each customer in a scatter chart where the size of the bubble depends on the profitability of each customer. i am very new to Domo so please bear with me


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    Hi @Raymond -

    Welcome to the forum. I'll try to guide you through the basics, not knowing the structure of your dataset is or where you are getting stuck. Feel free to follow up with more questions if needed.

    The scatter plot chart type is found in the "Data Science" collection:

    Once selected, the fields at the top of the screen will allow you to build your chart. For Scatter charts, you are allowed to add "X AXIS", "Y AXIS", "SERIES", "BUBBLE SIZE".

    You will likely need to create a calculated field to allow Domo to generate the profitability, unless that is already part of your data. If you need help with that, please share some more about your dataset. In particular what fields would be needed and how you calculate profitability.

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