How to calculate API usage by Salesforce Connector

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If I bring in say one million rows of leads daily with 10 columns, how many API calls would it be?


  • ZBehunin
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    According to the documentation, standard reports are pulled 2000 rows at a time. So 1,000,000 / 2,000 = 500 calls

    Link to Salesforce Connector KB Article:

    |How many rows and columns of data can a pre-built report pull at one time?

    Standard and pre-built reports only pull a maximum of 2,000 rows and 100 columns at a time. This is a limitation of the Salesforce API. You can bring in more than 2,000 rows by using the Unique Field option in the Data Selection Pane. The unique field column you choose must not contain any duplicate values otherwise the report will not match what Salesforce shows.

    Hope this helps!