Line Graphic with YTD Data (cumulative total each month)


Hi People! I'm here again!

We have a dataset in DOMO like this:

And we need to create a vision like this:

where "LY" is "Last Year" and the "YTD" is the acumulated SALES of the month of the line plus the previous month.

Jan = Total SALES of Jan

Fev = Total SALES of Fev + Total SALES of Jan

Mar = Total SALES of Mar + Total SALES of Fev + Total SALES of Jan


But... here's the catch, we need to do this in BeastMode...

I try to use LAG function, but with no success...


The graph we need to create is like this:

Actually with the growth percentage and will be 3 lines, comparing 3 years:

2022vs2021 | 2021vs2020 | 2020vs2019

Any ideas if it's possible?

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