Drill Path Filter to show Specific Apt's without a Specific Procedure


Hey guys,

I'm worried that the answer to my question is that it has to be done in ETL, but I'm hoping it can be done as a beast mode. So the data in question looks similar to what I have below:

Doctor | Procedure | Date | Apt # | Patient

Dr. B | D0330 | 4/1/22 | 80136 | I. M. Madeup

Dr. B | D0126 | 4/1/22 | 80136 | I. M. Madeup

I'm wanting to create a drillpath that looks at patients that don't have a specific procedure scheduled in their next appointment.

The problem I'm having is that the patient and their appt # has multiple rows because they normally have multiple procedures done in one appointment. So if I just filter by that procedure number, it will only get rid of rows for that procedure number but still keep patients even if they had that procedure scheduled in their appointment.

I tried doing a beast mode similar to this : (CASE WHEN Procedure IN ('D0330',D0330.0') THENApt# END) but the problem with this is it only looks at that one row with the procedure and not the whole apt.

Is there a way to do this as a beastmode, or will I have to go in and restructure the data in the ETL? If I do have to do it in the ETL, what would be the best way to associate that specific procedure to a whole appointment when the procedure is one row of what is normally 5-6 rows per appointment?


  • MarkSnodgrass

    When drilling from a table card, the drill path will use whatever field is clicked on as the filter. So, if a user clicks on appt # 80136, it will drill into that next card filtered to appt #80136. This seems like what you want to the user to do. All you would need to do is add a filter in analyzer on your drill path card to have procedure not in D0300.

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