Magic ETL Formula Editor Tile - Minor glitch


I am just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this. I couldn't find any related posts.

In the formula editor tile, I will literally click on the column name from the list below. When I am done with the formula and click "validate" I get an error regarding the column I selected and it says "table doesn't exist"

Also, when I click the column below, it will format like this:

'lte_donation_general'.'donation_id' (with ticks before and after the period)

instead of


The way around is that I just start typing it (rather than the column selection below) and then click from the drop down that appears once I start typing.

This started happening last week for me. Again, pretty minor, and generally just curious if anyone else has experienced this



  • GrantSmith

    I'd recommend logging a ticket with support as it sounds like it's a bug. I'd recommend renaming your columns without the period if possible to avoid this scenario as a workaround.

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