Drill from global view to country view

I have data with countries and state/city and trying to create drill on map chart from global view with data by country, to country view with data by state. However, I could only drill with one country. For example, I could only select US in country view, but can't drill to Australia map. Can you please help?


  • It's probably not the detail drilled map you are wanting, but if you use the global map again as your drill path card and select auto zoom to data in the general properties, it will zoom to the country that was clicked on. However, it won't have the detail of every state or province of that country.

    You can look on the internet for an svg file of a world map that has all states/provinces for every country defined on it and upload that as a custom chart. If you're unfamiliar with custom charts, I've created a video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHnXk9LtK7s

    Another option is to create a dashboard page that has the global map and then individual country maps around or below it.

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  • I'm not able to find a workable svg file of world map with all states and provinces. Where should I go to find one?

  • I downloaded, relabeled the region to match location metric of the dataset. However, I tried to use on DOMO, the chart doesn't show the region correctly. It shows the whole map as world instead of US-TX when the mouse is hovered over Texas.

    This only occurs on DOMO, Texas state was relabeled as US-TX on InkSpace.

    Did I save and/or upload it incorrectly?