Buzz - Bulk Deleting Previous Content for Whole Organization

swilliams Member
edited March 2023 in Governance & Security

As our admin, I need to bulk delete all prior Buzz content for our entire organization. How is this accomplished?

Alternatively, how can I turn off Buzz for my organization?


  • I think your best option is to reach out to and ask them to do a bulk delete. If you are an admin, you can individually delete threads, but not do a bulk delete.

    I would also ask support to disable buzz for the organization as the admin section only lets you turn off the general channel.

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  • lesienebrecount

    We would definitely love the opportunity to bulk delete as well. Or auto-delete posts that are a certain age. For us, Buzz is a tool for the users to communicate and share, but it is not utilized as our support communications tool, which can muddy up the instance when a user floods the buzz feed with usage and access questions. We have found that not having this functionality not only creates a messy environment, it also creates a certain degree of negative commentary around using Domo when we can't remove some of these things.

    (Yes, we know we can delete individual messages, but it does still show “Message Deleted” which isn't ideal)