Providing Domo exercise for training to newbies

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I have many in my organization requesting training for Domo. I've advised them to consider the Domo university modules... but I was thinking it'd be nice to have perhaps a 1-2 hour session where I walk people through various actions on sample data to practice key functions.

I'm thinking walk them through some of the basics like importing some data, building a ETL, and then building some cards on a dashboard.

Has anyone done this with their org and would they have any advice on going about this? Any sample data and exercises you can provide before I recreate the wheel?



  • Ashleigh

    @NathanDorsch Have you checked out Course Builder? Its a way you can create your own courses and then publish them as cards and you can even track training for them. I created these and require my users to complete them for training. Here is an older video I made that shows how I used Course Builder to implement training in my instance

    You can download the training Domo has provided and edit/customize it in Course builder. I used Domo's training as a starting point and then added my own examples and branding before publishing the training to my instance.

    For example data I use the Domo Governance and Domostats datasets. There is also a Sample data connector in the appstore.

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