Buzz Installer Options when using Microsoft Intune

jstan Contributor

Hi, I want to add the Buzz installer to our Company Portal, so that users can easily install it without requiring an administrator. Does anyone know of a list of install commands that can be used when adding the app in Intune to configure the company URL and if I can use the Windows login credentials (Azure AD) to log into Buzz automatically?





  • GrantSmith


    Are you utilizing SSO for your Domo instance with your Azure AD?

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  • jstan
    jstan Contributor

    @GrantSmith I am still using Azure AD for authentication. @amehdad I am using the standalone buzz app that is an exe file (I believe v. 2.09) that can be found under the Tool Downloads section in admin. The more I think about it, I can probably create a reg edit script that runs after the install to at least get the domain name entered. I just want to make it as idiot proof as possible.