Survey Monkey - Percentages Question

We have a survey that uses the question type where you can assign percentages to various answer choices. There is the main question and then the sub questions you assign % to. When I pulled in the data through the connector (I checked both connectors) it never pulled in the sub questions, only the main question. So now I just see a bunch of % with no context to what they are % for. Anyone else have this issue or know how to get around it?

FYI I tried changing the report type, connector, days, everything and nothing. Its almost as if there should be another field included.


  • @Ashleigh

    It's likely an issue with how the connector was written and didn't take into account sub questions. You'd probably need to write a custom connector to handle subquestions or reach out to Domo to see if they can make the necessary changes to the Survey Monkey connector.

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  • @GrantSmith it handles other sub questions ok when using other question types. We did put in a ticket to see if they can find out the issue so hopefully they can make the needed changes.