Google sheets alternative? Migration Strategy

We have been on a google based email platform since getting DOMO, we have utilized the google sheets connector to connect and import several datasets for ETLs and cards. We will be migrating away from google based email and will have Microsoft office 365 moving forward. Admittedly, I don't have much of exposure to anything else other than traditional excel and google sheets, it appears that the online based version of excel appears analogous to google sheets but I do not see a connector for that. It does appear however that there is a connector for Microsoft Onedrive which looks to be analogous to Google Drive and it can be pulled in that way.

Would the best approach to be convert our existing google sheets to office 365, pull them in via OneDrive and then manually map over all cards and ETLs to the OneDrive versions of the data sets and retire the google sheet versions?

I do not have much experience with workbench and I realize I could convert them to excel and upload that way but we need a solution that can import every 15 minutes and can be accessed simultaneously by several users at a time.