Using WorkBench to Connect Azure AD to DOMO?



I am relatively new to creating connections in DOMO, but one thing I would love to be able to do is make a report of all computers that are showing in our Azure AD so that we can see information on our users and what computers they have joined to Azure AD. This would also help us see non-compliant assets or unencrypted assets at a glance.

It doesn't seem that there is a simple connector for Azure AD into DOMO (there are other Azure connectors, but those seem to be for datalakes and the like, which doesn't seem to be the same sort of thing). Is Workbench the best way to go about this? And are there any tips on the best way to use Workbench to get such a connection set up?

Again, I'm admittedly a total novice, but any guidance is appreciated.

Thanks everyone!