Is it possible to create an alert with a values lies in two column?



I'm trying to create an alert by comparing two values lies in two columns.

Here is the example

Date column A Column B

Jan 7 88 90

I want to set up an alert , when Column A < Column B and the message should be coming as

'On Jan 7 , the Column A value was 88 and Column B value is 90'

I have tried for different chart type, none of it is giving an option to select the columns of our own.

Kindly help with a solution

Any help is appreciated.





  • MarkSnodgrass

    Alerts aren't set up to compare one column to another. You may need to perform this evaluation in a beast mode to create a single value that you can check to see if it is greater than zero, for example, when creating the alert. This previous thread sums up the alert limitations pretty nicely.

    Alert functionality is driven on the card type and settings. For example, a table card can only track changes to the summary number and so it is the only element that can be alerted for. Bar charts can track changes to values for the x/y axis and/or series. There is a balance to getting a card built right such that it will allow you to alert the value you want to see.


    Often the card you use on the dashboard is not built the right way for alerting. In these cases you'll have to create a second card for the alert. It might not even be useful as a visual, but it is set up to be useful for alerts.

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