Schema not keeping changes, but no error given - have you run into this?

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So I have set up a job using MySQL ODBC - executed, all good. Job T

Then set up another job with a local CSV file - executed all good. Job A

So then I want to update Job T to do a lookup transform of the results from Job A. This seems to run well. But I also need to update the schema. I need to remove a column and I need to rename a column. However, when I do this (with allowing for unprotected changes) the changes do not seem to stick. I can get the column I want to remove, to have the corresponding row in the schema highlight red (to be removed). And I can get the column I need to change its name, to have the corresponding row to highlight green (as in new - not changed). But then when I execute, nothing in the schema actually changes. And no errors are given anywhere from what I can see.

If someone has also ran into this, and has a solution, please let me know

Thank you in advance




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @AnaKS

    This sounds like a bug with Workbench. I'd recommend logging an issue with Domo Support. In the interim you could utilize a dataset view to drop the column and rename another after you import it into Domo.

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  • @AnaKS if you are using Workbench, on the configure tab under additional settings, make sure Allow Schema Changes is selected.

    I would also suggest you click on the preview icon and then go to the schema tab to see what has been updated. You can also try locking column types on the schema tab to see if that helps.

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  • mhouston
    mhouston Contributor

    @AnaKS I had this same issue (also doing the domo certification exam) and have opened a ticket with Domo Support for it but have not yet received a resolution. I'd echo Grant's suggestion and log a ticket with Domo Support.

  • AnaKS

    @mhouston thank you very much

    [and thank you to the other commenters as well]

    I submitted a ticket yesterday, and have been told that it was moved to the technical team, but have not heard anything since.

    Glad to hear it is not just me, hopefully they can find a solution for us soon