ETL join is matching multiple values - not exact matches


I am joining two datasets and the result is matching multiple values from the second data set to a single value in the first data set. Is it possible to have the join only match exact values?


Data Set 1

Data Set 2

Join result

Join = Left Outer

  • Left Table = Data Set 1
  • Right Table = Data Set 2
  • Matching Column = ID
  • Renaming second ID column


  • I have not seen that happen before. In fact, the Magic ETL joins tend to be very exact, including be case-sensitive. I would try making a new ETL and trying to do the join again.

    Also, to be clear, LEFT JOIN will include all records from the left table and any matching entries from the right table. INNER JOIN will only include records where there is a match in both tables.

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  • ezmac13

    Thanks Mark.

    I do want all data from the left table and to only provide exact matching data from the right table so the left join is correct in my situation. I will create a copy and test.