Data Warehouse Modeling

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We just started up with Domo, and I am converting from Sisense B.I. platform.

In the Sisense platform, everything is in Cubes and relatively siloed off from one another unless you specifically linked them. Which worked well for our use case.

Before I dive headfirst into converting things I wanted to get a feel for the modeling in Domo. I like the notion of siloing things off, so things don't have the potential to bleed over. As our company does work for many clients, some whom are direct competitors of one another. So I want to mitigate the possibility of cross-talk as much as possible. Our rep made mention of something called 'Mini domos' but didn't elaborate on all that much.

So I am wondering if it would make more sense to try and silo things off. Of have the common data sources such as out Mysql tables. And then use ETL to create Datasets that are filtered per client with naming conventions

Client A-Base

Client A-Billing

Client B-Base

Client B-Billing


Just looking to minimize crosstalk as much as humanly possible.


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