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Hello everyone,

is there a way to set-up the card auto-refresh interval once the dataset has been updated, and which is the default one,?

I'm experiencing refresh interval form seconds to minutes, so I'd like to have a more linear behaviour of the system.

Also: using Domo Everywhere is there more flexibility about page refresh interval?




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @enricopirazzini

    Currently you can't set a refresh interval for your cards as they automatically update when the underlying dataset is updated. You could set your datasets as inputs into a dataflow which runs every 15 minutes (or another interval) and just have them write to separate outputs. Then use those output datasets as the ones that power your cards. This will cause them all to update at the same time giving you a more consistent refresh.

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  • If you are using a dataflow, you can click on the settings tab and set the frequency of the refresh rate by choosing On a Schedule and then select the appropriate options.

    If the card is tied to directly to a dataset that comes from outside of Domo, you can build a basic dataflow that just has an input and output and then use the above schedule options. Here is what the Magic ETL would look like with just an input dataset and then connected to a new output dataset and then connect your card to that.

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  • Thank you guys for the answers.

    My major issue is the delay between the time where a dataset ends his update and the time when the cards (that uses that datasets) refresh itself.

    Sometimes the card refresh seconds after the dataset updates, sometimes after minutes;

    so I cannot garantee to the report user that the page with the data is refreshed as soon as the dataset is updated.

    I'm wondering if there is any way to force this refresh or to have a maximum garanteed delay.

  • GrantSmith

    I'd recommend reaching out to your CSM/Support in this case as this is a Domo architecture question at this point and they'd potentially have a better answer for you.

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