New Data Privacy Solution - Beta Testers Wanted


Domo has partnered with Anonomatic (Anonomatic | Protecting PII for Data Privacy and Compliance) to enable Domo customers to combine, aggregate or mask anonymous data at the individual level with no risk of loss or exposure of PII. With the PII Vault and Anonomatic's plugins for Domo Workbench Workbench can now completely anonymize or mask identifying details in such a way that allows those anonymous records to be combined in Domo at the individual level without ever loading a single piece of PII into Domo! (See more info in the Domo Knowledge Base PII Vault Protection and Compliance – Domo)

What problems will this solve for you?

Anonomatic is seeking Beta testers who would like to try out, and provide feedback on, our newest, pre-release, set of plugins.

Please respond here or email

Thank you all