Can you prevent the MySQL connector from locking its source table while syncing?

I have a large table that takes a while to sync over to Domo through the MySQL connector. I currently schedule the sync to occur overnight because a table lock prevents other users from reading the source table. I would like to sync the table on demand during working hours though. Is there a way to instruct the MySQL connector not to lock the source table during a sync?



  • Hi @hanmari

    This issue doesn’t necessarily relate to the connector but how MySQL handles database reads. Whenever you need to read from the database it will issue a lock to prevent the data from changing until it finishes reading all the data it needs. Are you using a database user which has write access as well? It might be causing a exclusive lock until it finishes since it can read and write. You might try a read only user to pull your data instead as you should be able to have multiple read locks occur simultaneously

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