SAML Authentication in the Mobile App

I'm planning to do SSO with SAML, but I can't find a way to support SAML authentication in the Domo mobile app.

I assume that the app probably doesn't support SSO, but has anyone else achieved this?


  • We have SAML SSO and I can confirm it works on the Mobile App. We authenticate with an app on our phone so it just brings me to that app and I have to go back.

  • Thank you so much, @amehdad21 and @Ashleigh!

    Your comments have been a big help for me to understand that SAML authentication is possible for the mobile app.

    I imagine the screen transition is web view > SAML auth > (deep link) > mobile app, I will check it out when our SSO setup is completed.

  • Hi @amehdad , our SAML setup was completed last week. Thank you for all your information.

    After all, I was able to verify the authentication with the following flow:

    Launch mobile app > InAppBrowser shows Domo sign-in screen > Jump to SSO service provider authentication screen > Complete authentication and return to mobile app