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I've noticed for a while that Course Builder Apps do not seem to work when on a dashboard. I submitted a ticket about a year ago and they told me that it was in the queue to get fixed. Just wondering if anyone has heard any news on this or is experiencing similar issues and may have a temp fix?

This is becoming a huge issue because all of our training is through Course Builder and all our apps appear broken which is not good for the end user.

Here is a photo of my app on a dashboard. The colors are slightly off cause I just published a new version but the pins did not move in Course Builder. If I try to set the dashboard to auto-width it gets even worse.

Here is a photo of my app from the card view. These ones are slightly off because I tried to offset them for the dashboard which did not work but you can see how different they are compared to the dashboard view.



  • Hi @Ashleigh - I'm just posting because I would like to hear what response you get. Unfortunately, I do not have a fix for you.

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  • @Richard Do you know who handles Course Builder and might be able to give an update?

  • I think I know who it is, let me confirm and I will see if they can come give an update at the user group.

  • Here is a case number I had previously associated with this same issue 05764845 @Richard

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    Somewhat related (or may not be) --

    I may be misremembering, but I feel like I read or saw in a video that Course Builder was being phased out in favor of "Modules" (or something like that, essentially there is a tool that Domo employees use internally already that will replace CourseBuilder)?

  • @Ritwik I don't think it was Course Builder but rather the courses were phased out of the appstore and moved to We used to have to download each individual course from the appstore which was tedious so they migrated everything to its own site. Course Builder allows us to edit those courses and make our own customizations that we can then publish ourselves.

  • Ah yes, I think that is what I was referring to. Thank you! Although I was looking forward to some brand new coursebuilder tool for the longest time haha