Dataset not showing up in Dataset Picker in Workbench 5


We have a user trying to update a dataset in Workbench 5. There was a JSON job file that was left. When we open the JSON file, it is pointing at a different dataset. The dataset we are trying to update does not show up in the Dataset Picker list.

The dataset type is excel.



  • GrantSmith

    A few trouble shooting questions:

    1 - Does the dataset exist in Domo?

    2 - Have you tried the Windows fix? (turning it off an on again / restarting the workbench server)?

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    1. Yes
    2. Yes

    I think it was created in an older version of workbench, and we've just been nursing it along. Another user has the job and they can update this dataset through the older (pre 5) workbench still. It's bizarre to me that the new workbench doesn't "see" this particular dataset.