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Hi, everyone! I was hoping that you all would be open to sharing some best practices in terms of organizing/cataloguing datasets, cards, and dashboards to ensure that that team members don't accidentally duplicate each others work.

My teammates and I use Domo to support different departments. But, there is occasional overlap where one of us might upload an entirely new dataset and create new card only to realize that other teammate had already made a similar card. Additionally, our cards, datasets, and dashboards are increasing rapidly as we encourage more departments within the hospital to engage with Domo and our team itself has grown.

So, what do your organizations do to keep things organized. Aside from adding comments/descriptions to each Dataset, do you maintain an excel or some other doc that lists what information is available where? Similarly, is there a Domo tool that I'm overlooking that could do all of this?

I look forward to your responses. 🙂



  • MichelleH

    I recommend using the Domo Governance Datasets Connector to keep track of all your existing content. The "Datasets" report is especially helpful since you can more easily see names and descriptions of all the datasets in your instance.

    If you don't do so already, I encourage you to use a standard naming convention across all datasets so you can easily see different attributes of your datasets such as department. That way you can more confidently search for whether data exists to fit a particular need.

  • @HowDoIDomo ,

    I did run a session at the IDEA Exchange about structuring your data warehouse,

    Absolutely you'll want to start with naming conventions as @MichelleH suggested. From there you might look at using certified datasets to bring peeople's attention to approved datasets.

    It doesn't directly address your question, but I pulled some folks together to talk governance in Domo, might be worth a look.

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