Help with Quarter Beast Mode Please`


Hello Community,

I have a beast mode that is working for my purposes when reporting on the fiscal quarter in total. What I need to do next is show in a bar chart each month in the current fiscal quarter and the calculated currency value for each month. This dataset is coming from Salesforce and is from the opportunity object.

What we are trying to calculate is taking all of our closed deals and identifying a win rate % and then using that percentage to multiply the total ARR value for open opps in the quarter (for my issue it would be showing each bar as a month) to get a weighted forecast based on our past data.

Here is my current beast mode that again works flawlessly for the quarter as a whole and using the single number chart. How would I update the following beast mode to allow the separation of the months in a bar chart? When I do it now with the current beast mode and just setting the first axis to close date, I only get data showing for august, sept and oct are showing no data, so it seems to roll everything to the first month in the quarter????


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @reichner015

    What is the granularity of your dates in your dataset?

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