Looking for Portal platform recommendations


We've recently started using Domo Everywhere and are using a basic Drupal-based instance to host the dashboards. The long term goal is to move to a more robust, client experience-centered portal and have begun vetting possible options.

Looking for recommendations/suggestions. Are you using a proprietary option to embed your dashboards or has anyone customized commercially available portal platform?



  • @cthtcc I would recommend reviewing some of the information here:


    I think the key is to look for a platform that works well with the SSO framework that Domo Everywhere uses. Domo is also developing a brand kit where you can take a Domo instance and re-skin to your color palette which could eliminate the need for you to purchase a separate portal platform.

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  • cthtcc

    Thanks @MarkSnodgrass Our Domo team has been very helpful sharing the dev information and we are in good shape. What we really interested in currently is to hear what platform other Domo customers are using for their Domo Everywhere portal and factoring that in to our vetting process.