Where does 'Form Builder' save uploaded file and how to access it?


I'm using the trial version of the 'Form Builder' app which lets users input data into Domo. I'm uploading files into it while testing and I can see that a new dataset is being created corresponding to the form output. This does have references to the uploaded file name and 'Document ID' but I can't find the uploaded document within Domo anywhere. Can someone tell me how I can access where Domo stores the uploaded (csv) document?



  • MarkSnodgrass

    @Ashleigh might know the answer to this one. She is a power user of Form Builder.

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  • Ashleigh

    @MarkSnodgrass I am not familiar with Form Builder, Course Builder I am though.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @user018766 ,

    Form Builder stores the data in a noSQL database (AppDB, https://developer.domo.com/docs/dev-studio-references/appdb). If you've heard of MongDB they are very similar. you don't have a document, like a word doc that you can access.

    what's the rest of your question? why do you want to access 'a CSV'?

    (it's not stored as a CSV ... but you can interact with AppDB documents using JavaScript or a custom App -- like form builder)

    Jae Wilson
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  • user018766

    The application is for the user to (1) upload a CSV/Excel file into Domo through the form builder and then I (2) use the file to make some calculations on the data and return it via the dashboard. Part (2) I can do via the Dataset API. But in order to retrieve the uploaded data I'm not sure where to find it through the API or otherwise.

    Could you please elaborate on how I can download/access a file that has been uploaded through Form Builder? (You say I can do it through JS or custom app) Could you please be more detailed on the steps for these? And if it's possible to access it via the API or GUI.