Is there any way to get Embed Id programmatically?


I integrate with DOMO using java SDK and REST API, and I can get dashboard id or card id without any problems. But then I need to embed them on our site.

But I see that the iframe for embed that will only use the dashboard/card id mark as deprecated, and now it is necessary to use the iframe with the Embed Id.

Please tell me is there any way to get Embed Id programmatically using Java or some other language?

Thank you for the advice!


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @Alex_us

    There's a "p"ublic API (not officially supported by Domo, can change at any time, use at your own risk) that will get you a list of all of your embeded cards or dashboards - you can even filter based on the name. You can inspect your browser's network traffic to see which endpoint Domo is accessing and utilizing those same endpoints and bodies when making your request but they would have your access token in the JSON response.

    Here's a nice video of the Domo CTO going over the Open Domo API platform:

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