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AnwarBham Contributor
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Hi i was wondering in the dataset search page .

in the search Box. can you filter on multiple values for the same Type. Example where i have Owned By i want to select multiple users. as it stands when i select one user IE analytics the option is no longer available and i cant select multiple users just one same with Type i can only select one ie dataflow or Azure.

seems a bit limited if thats the case


  • You may want to consider using the tags feature to manage your datasets. You can select multiple tags in the search filter.

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  • AnwarBham
    AnwarBham Contributor

    Thanks Mark we are using tags , but im finding users who create data sets and they forget to include the tags so im having to manually add the tags. but filtering one by one each user is painfully slow.

  • mhouston
    mhouston Contributor

    @AnwarBham if you (or someone on your team) is familiar with the sdk's, you could create a script to get the datasets and their tag information from DOMO to easily identify which datasets don't have any tags - I've been working on something like this in python since I want to leverage tags as a piece of our governance process but Domo's UI doesn't make it easy to add in data checks on this.

  • AnwarBham
    AnwarBham Contributor

    Thank @mhouston i have used the domo SDK with python before using the pydomo library. documentation was scarce so we did not go ahead with it .

    i was not aware you can get tagging data from data sets . i will take a look


  • @AnwarBham

    Have you tried using the Domo Governance dataset for Datasets to do filtering? You can do beast modes / calculated fields on that dataset to do combo filters like you're asking about.

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