Tracking Google Analytics for Coursebuilder

Hi all, I have followed the instructions in the knowledgebase on how to set up tracking for Coursebuilder using Google Analytics and I am seeing some data coming through - the problem I face is that I don't know what fields to bring back in order to understand

  1. Which course they have accessed
  2. What pages they have viewed
  3. Whether they have completed the quiz

If anyone has already done this - would they be able to share their knowledge?




  • @Ashleigh is the resident expert on Coursebuilder

    Jae Wilson
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  • jaeW_at_Onyx, thanks for getting back to me. Hopefully @Ashleighwill see this question and chip in,


  • @moonmoth so I have two different reports set up for course tracking and quiz tracking. Here is my report that captures course views.

    The metrics are Time on Page & User Timing (ms)

    The dimensions are Date, Date Hour and Minute, Exit Page, Landing Page, and Page.

    User ID is also supposed to be on there but I am noticing mine is missing.

    I then use that report and join it to Domostats People dataset (I believe at the time I could not use Domo Governance Users because it did not have our custom roles). Once Joined I just remove any duplicates and calculate the time on the page in seconds and minutes.

    This should give you a good view of when people have viewed courses. I set up an alert on a card to let me know when someone has viewed a new course so that I can 1. check if they viewed each page and 2. check if they spent a good amount of time on the training.

    I have come across some issues before where users had Ad Blockers on so none of their data was captured. I put a note in all of my CourseBuilder apps to turn off any Ad Blockers for Domo.

    For quiz data you have to set up a different report that pulls event data. For that one my report was similar but used the following:

    The metrics are Event Value, Time on Page, and Unique Events.

    The dimensions are App Name, Date, Event Action, Event Category, Event Label, Page, and User ID

    I then join this one with the People dataset as well You have to use the event label and extract the quiz score out of it. I also do some manipulation to keep only the latest or highest quiz score.

    Hope this helps some! I know I had to do a lot of development to get this all sorted out because none of that was documented anywhere!

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  • I believe we also had to make some custom fields on the GA side for User ID, Instance name, and App Name. I find that if you try to go back and edit the reports too it will mess them up on the Domo end and clear your fields and dimension. Guess that is what happened to my ID field 🙃

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  • By the way I am using the Google Analytics Advanced Connector

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  • Ashleigh, this is fantastic - Thanks very much for your detailed reply. You're right about it not being documented anywhere so this really helps. I will give it a go and see how I get on.

    Thanks again,