Doubt in sharing the dataset to the users with PDP



I have a dataset which has to be shared to the users without "Can share" Option. If I give "Can share" option the users will be able to share the same dataset to other users without the notice of Owner of the dataset. How can I give the access using PDP option All Rows So that they can only view and download the dataset without sharing to others



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @user069416 ,

    you're mixing issues.

    1) use PDP to determine what people can see data.

    2) sharing is sharing. assume that eventually, EVERYONE will share EVERYTHING and therefore everyone will see everything that doesn't have PDP policies applied..

    Therefore, to secure your data, focus on limiting what people see via PDP. If you don't want others' to see the data, make the default behavior via PDP that people can't see any rows.

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