How do page filters work? (some issues)



we have several page filters, but they operate a bit randomly. Perhaps someone could explain how they work in relation to below issues:


  • not all filters selected by an admin are showning for participants
  • filters aren't sticky (when in a filtered card, either using the back arrow or clicking on the link that goes back to the page doesn't keep the filters (filters were set at page level))
  • Order of filters cannot be set? (i.e. first company then department; now seems that selecting department will limit the list of companies.. so instead of being able to select a different company, I will have to delete the department filter first).
  • Is there a way to set a predefined value for the filter while maintaining the option to pick something else?




Rosanne Broersma


  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,


    Can anybody help answer @RosanneBroersma's question?

  • Thanks!


    This insinuates that we are experiencing some issues with the filters (i.e. not all filters picked by an admin are showing for participants). I'll reach out to DOMO support and let you know a solution/when this is resolved!



    Rosanne Broersma
  • I'd also like to see these features implemented. 


    In addition, can I request that the admin is able to force the page filters to appear instead of requiring the user to turn them on with the wrench? 


    This functionality is critical to our pages so requires a lot of training for users, although very simple training, it is two extra clicks each time and makes onboarding new users require human training.

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