Ranking up in the Community Forum

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What is a rank?

Rankings are a reflection of activity and engagement in the Community Forum. After registration and your first time signing in, you will be a Member. 

As you answer questions, earn badges, and receive reactions, you will accumulate points. The more points you have, the higher rank association you earn. 

Members who reach the Coach level receive special privileges in the community forums and beyond.

Rank structure:

Member [0 points] 

Contributor [100 points] 

Coach [1000 points]


  • Appreciate the addition of points!

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  • damen
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    @AnnaYardley Is the ranking system based on the amount of points we have received? Or are those points an additional bonus based on the ranking we have received? Also, does this mean the belt system has been done away with?

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  • @damen accumulating points is how you hit the next rank. You earn points by answering questions, getting badges, and recieving reactions. As those points add up, you get closer to the next rank.

    The belt system (and Dojo wording) has been done away with. Member, Contributor, and Coach are the ranking levels now.