Specifying Multiple Emails for Dataset Via Email Connector

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I have a simple question, I'm making a Dataset Via Email connector and I want to specify certain emails to load the data from, however I'm not sure how to insert multiple emails in "From Email Address" in settings. For example, I want to include two emails, say  [email protected]  and [email protected]  in the "From Email Address" field in settings, however I'm not sure how to separate between the two, three, or more emails. Could someone direct me on how to do it? 



  • You don't have to specify where the email is coming from, as long as you send an email to a specific inbox, by default it will get added to that dataset.


    specifying email addresses to accept data from is a security feature to limit the risk of spam.  but you could define "email must have a specific subject" instead of specifiying the sender.



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