Building a histogram or a stacked bar chart with date series data



I have a datasource as excel file which I want to use to build a stacked bar chart. The data has a series of columns with week range as dates and hours worked per week against a project for a a particular person. Now I want to build a stacked bar against this data but seems like the dates dont allow me that option. If someone can please help me out with it would really appreciate it.


The data looks like :

Resource NameStartFinishUnits & CostsTotalJanuary 17, 2021 - January 23, 2021January 24, 2021 - January 30, 2021January 31, 2021 - February 6, 2021February 7, 2021 - February 13, 2021February 14, 2021 - February 20, 2021February 21, 2021 - February 27, 2021           
xyx12-Nov-2001-Jul-21Planned Units1,272h32h40h40h40h32h40h           
abc12-Nov-2023-Aug-21Planned Units1,568h32h40h40h40h32h40h           


I want to build a stacked bar with hours by the week mentioned in the columns. The issue is those date ranges does not act as date and gives me an issue plotting the graph.


Help will be greatly appreciated.




  • MichelleH

    Your best bet is going to be to reformat your data to have a separate row for each week the resource works, like below. That way you can simply sum the "Planned Units" column and use the "Week Start" column to group by week. 


    Resource NameWeek StartPlanned Units
    xyxJanuary 17, 202132
    xyxJanuary 24, 202140
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