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Our company is currently planning to get the Oracle NetSuite for the finance department. One of the things we heard is that is is very challenging to pull the data from NetSuite or there are limitation on how many rows you can pull data at one time and others.

Can you guys share your experience and challenges if you have used NetSuite in your domo instance? 


Thank You!


  • RussA
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    I realize this is a very late response, but I'll respond anyway just in case it might still be useful for you or someone else who might cross this post. We currently pull large sets of NetSuite data into Domo. As long as your NetSuite account has the ODBC add-on(extra cost) you can pull large sets of data quickly. The ODBC module gives you read only access to the database of your NetSuite instance, this means you would need to have SQL experience in order to setup that connection. Once setup, you can pull quite a bit of data very quickly. This is several levels of magnitude quicker than using the saved search pull. Things that would take 12 hours to pull through saved searches can take 12 minutes to pull through ODBC.