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Help will be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to connect one of my sharepoint file to DOMO but it is always giving me an error with the Server related url is not right.

BAsically the location of my file is at Documents/Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/Folder4/Folder5/Doc.xls. I have tried the option of 

/sites/MySite/Shared Documents/Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/Folder4/Folder5/Doc.xls but it still gives me an error.

Help will be greatly appreciated.


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  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user048980 


    Which SharePoint connector are you utilizing? There's several out there.


    What's the error message you're getting back from the connector?

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  • Unknown
    Answer ✓

    I am using the Shareporint Online connector.

  • Had to overlap the Site name on the login information to be able to successfully get the data.