How can I select a date range that shows Facebook data from all campaigns, regardless of start date?


Hi there


What I would like to see: Data for all Facebook campaigns in my card, within a specific date range. I want to see data from all campaigns, regardless of their campaign start date


What I am actually seeing: Data for only the Faceook campaigns in my card which have a start date within my specific range. 


Please help, thank you 


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    sorry if i'm not understanding. 


    is the data actually uploaded into Domo that you want to see? (i.e. that has a start date outside of the range of data visible in the card)?


    if so, then ... can you just remove a date filter?

    Jae Wilson
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  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user05215 


    Because how Facebook designed their API this isn't an option. It's only designed to pull data which starts in your date range.

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  • user05215

    Hi there- do you mean adjusting the date range of the Data Set each time I need to adjust the date range of my report in my card? 

  • user05215

    Gotcha- the date range in my Data Set? Or my card? 

  • user046467

    Datestart is not the actual startdate of the campaign. I use startdate aswell and I get daily reports from my campaigns even if they started a while ago.

    See below which settings I use for the dateset itself. That might be the solution here aswell.

    Not sure if this is perfect but it works for me and might work for you too ?

  • user05215

    Thanks! Does this even work when your card only gives these "date range field" options?  (in yellow) 


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