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May I know the best way to clean up the beast mode calculations, the domo governance datasets[Beast Modes, Beast Modes with Fields, Card Fields and Beast Modes] have the details about Beast Mode ID, Beast Mode Name, Beast Mode Formula, Beast Mode Status, Beast Mode Saved to Dataset, Beast Mode Applied to Summary Number,Is Beast Mode, but this datasets do not include archive/unarchive, duplicate beast mode details. I am aware that beast mode manager has all the information, but I want to create cards so that it is easy to filter and track the beast mode clean up.

Please suggest on this matter.




  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @Khan_Naziya  calculating duplicates is easy?  right, just date your domo governance dataset and count grouped by the beast mode... 


    you might want to cast as UPPER and TRIM to do light data cleansing in case i have sum(Amount) instead of SUM(AMOUNT) ... 


    re archive ... i guess that's an interesting feature but if i had to guess it just pulls the column out of adrenaline (a purely technical feature ... not a cleanup feature)... 


    for me, more interesting cards will capture if i use COUNT DISTINCT (expensive) or if i'm using the NOW() or CURRENT_DATE() function (expensive) 

    or if my beast mode has more than 150 characters maybe i need to rework it. 


    but those are ... governance metrics that you have to define for yourself and your business... don't trust Domo to do that for you!

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