Number of Views by External Clients on Embedded Pages


I have implemented the DomoStats app, but from my exploration it seems as though it is only logging views from internal users. We, however, create dashboards that are embedded for external clients to use and are interested in tracking the number of views by those users so we can evaluate if our dashboards a value add. Does anyone know if there is a way to generate this information or if it already exists somewhere within Domo that I have not found?


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @Crisocir 

    Domo does have an Activity Log you can try and reference. I utilize it for some governance cards I have to determine when a card was last viewed.


    I inner join (to get only card activity information) the Activity Log dataset to the Cards (Third Party Data Governance dataset - could use DomoStats datset variant as well) [Activity Log].[Object ID] -> [Cards].[Card ID] and filter on the [Activity Log].[Action] field for VIEWED_EMBEDED (there are also VIEWED and VIEWED_PAGE_EMBEDED but those aren't exactly what you're looking for). The caveat to this is that the [Activity Log].[Name] field is tied to the Domo User who created the Embedding and not a specific third party person.

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