Datasets Which holds Certified Cards/Datasets and CCPA Certified Cards related Information

Hi Everyone


We need your help on below task. We want a dataset which is capturing the certified cards/datasets and along with this we want a dataset which is capturing CCPA Certified tags information.


If you want anything more from my side please let us know.



Thanks Akish


  • Hi @user090035 


    Typically to get information on your datasets or cards you'd want to use the respective DomoStats or Data Governance type datasets however currently these don't expose certification status. This would be a great request for the Idea Exchange.


    In terms of tags they only tags exposed to the governance datasets are the tags for the dataset columns and not the dataset tags themselves. These can be found in the Data Governance type Dataset Schemas with Tags dataset.


    Again, another good request for Idea Exchange.

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  • You can use the Java CLI to 'get-certified-content' that includes both datasets and cards.  From there you would import that data as a new dataset and then mash the data up with Domo Governance or Domo Stats.

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  • Hi @jaeW_at_Onyx ,


    I tried Domo CLI to get certified content, I got an error as Unauthorized using the below command.
    "connect -u [email protected] -p abc123 -s"

    We use SSO to login to Domo instance and the error makes sense.

    Is there a way where we can get certified content?
    Are there any available API's for the same?



  • Hi @Khan_Naziya ,

    You'd need to connect via an API Access Token and use the -t flag instead of -u and -p. You can generate a token under More > Admin Settings > Security > Access Tokens (assuming you have permissions to view / create those - if not talk to your Domo admin) 


    You'd use that token that's generated as the -t parameter when connecting (Be sure to keep track of it since you won't be able to view it after you navigate off that page).


    Keep in mind that the access token that's generated is then treated as the person who created the token so you don't want to pass it around as others would be able to log in as you and take actions as you (assuming you create the token)

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  • Hi @GrantSmith ,


    The below article on Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool says this option ONLY works with 'User Name' authentication. That is when I opted to connect through username and password.


    get-certified-contentGet a list of certified content.
    Note: This option ONLY works with 'User Name' authentication.



  • TheLookout
    TheLookout Contributor

    I'm not sure if you were able to get the DomoCLI to work with username/password but I ran into the same issue you did. The fix I found was temporarily removing multi-factor verification from the profile that was being used to log into DomoCLI. Hopefully that helps!

  • Thanks  @TheLookout ,


    I am an editor, so I am not able to see Security->Authentication in Admin Settings.