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I have a large dataset that has thousands of rows, most of those rows have the same value for most columns except for one. I'm trying to transpose the value from the rows that are in one column to multiple separate columns, removing the duplicate lines. I know the "Pivot" function in ETL is what i need to use, but i'm stuck because it is not very on how to use the function. 


Any help is appreciated! 



  • swagner
    swagner Contributor

    @user061574 Check out this Knowledge Base article.  Focus on the "collapse" and "uncollapse" columns pieces.


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @swagner  was absolutely correct the equivalent of PIVOT in Domo will be the Collapse / Uncollapse columns magic ETL tile.  It's a bit of a bear b/c unlike SPREAD / GATHER / MELT from Python and R, you have to manually assign each column and unless you know Dynamic SQL there is no way to dynamically implement PIVOT / UNPIVOT in Domo AFAIK.  

    that said, i would be very careful and examine whether I actually need to Pivot the data for the visualization requirement.  Depending on the use case, clever Beast Modes with CASE statements or Pivot Table cards can get the job done gracefully without having to process large datasets in ETL.  


    to befair, the definition of 'large' varies, so maybe it's fine!  

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