Version Control for Dataflows via GitHub

Hey Community, 

I am trying to find out if any of you have tried to Version Control your Dataflow transforms via GitHub? I can pull and access the data through the Domo CLI, but I would like to use GitHub centrally at my organization and make changes to Domo through this service. If this is possible please let me know. 





    you can use the JavaCLI to get list-dataflow and get the details of a dataflow.  This will give you a JSON definition of the entire dataflow which you could then send to a github repository.  you can also alter the JSON blob and send it back to Domo via API to update a dataflow ... but that can get tricky fast.


    go to Admin > tools > downloads to download the java cli.  

    in terminal launch the .jar file with 

    java -jar domoUtil.jar


    then type help to see a list of commands.

    the one you're interested will be list-dataflows.  pass the -i parameter to get information about a specific dataflow.


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